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Gift Guide for the Cocktail Lover

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life?  I’ve got you covered.

I don’t know about you, but I think we are all missing out on in-person foodie and cocktail bar experiences this year so…what could be better than a gift that brings that experience home?

Here’s my list of top gifts for cocktail lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, and cocktail novices alike. They are all available at Neiman Marcus AND if you order them for curbside pickup Santa will bring them to your car (more about that at end of post).

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes

These little babies are pure GENIUS. Carefully crafted from some of the best-sourced ingredients in the world. Imagine a perfect cocktail where you don’t have to measure, search for ingredients or follow a complicated recipe!  These conveniently cubed cocktail mixers will revolutionize the way you craft a cocktail. Shake or stir one cube until dissolved, with a shot of the spirit of your choice, to make your own perfectly crafted cocktail.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Eat Your Drink.

A snack AND a cocktail?  Sign me up.  These gummies not only taste like your favorite cocktail, they actually HAVE an alcohol content!  This box includes 10 5% ABV and fruit blend cocktail gummies.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Edible Glitter Dust

This is one of my favorites and the key to making your cocktails the perfect amount of “extra”. Smith & Sinclair’s Edible Cocktail Glitter Dust instantly enhancing your cocktails with shimmer and color. The edible cocktail enhancers dissolve in drinks to provide fruity flavor and a dazzling effect. All you need is a third of a teaspoon of this vegan-friendly formula to create out of this world “galaxy-like cocktails”.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Good Cheer Double Old Fashioned Glasses

I’ve shared with you before in my post “Five cocktail Glasses everyone Should Have in their Home” how double old fashioneds are my go-to glass for a ton of different cocktails.  It’s the most versatile of all cocktail glasses. So when it comes to mixing up and lifting holiday spirits what could be more perfect than a festive double old fashioned glass.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

We all have that one friend. No matter how many times you correct them, they will always belt out “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” Embrace the hilarity of getting the lyrics to “Tiny Dancer” and other songs so wrong with these clever coasters. The cork designs come in two styles: classic rock and greatest hits. Classic rock includes hits like “I Wanna Hold Your Ham.” And then there are the greatest hits, with tunes like “Hit Me With Your Pet Shark.” Each set of six laugh-out-loud coasters makes a memorable housewarming or “just because” gift. Our suggestion: Use them to spark a round of mistaken lyrics karaoke.

Fun fact: This odd (and hysterical) phenomena has a name. The word “mondegreen” originates from a misheard bit of an old Scottish ballad.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Vinoos Sophisticated Wine Gummies

They may look like candy but they are actually a an adult “luxury food”. designed to mimic the taste of your first sip of wine these tasty gummies are free from: gluten, nuts, gelatin (which makes them suitable for vegans) , fat, lactose and artificial coloring. And yes, and they are also free from alcohol. All this makes the wine gums more accessible for those with allergies, or if you don’t drink alcohol. Pro tip- they taste really great when you eat them while drinking wine!

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Champagne and Wine Night Kits

These fun little kits contains everything but the booze!  The Champagne Kit is an effervescent 10-piece set includes gold rimming sugar, two coasters, “Ring for Champagne” bell, two swizzle sticks, decision coin, gold-tone champagne stopper, champagne cocktail recipes, and metallic confetti. . Wine Night has 11 essentials to help you “wine down”- wine glass marker, two coasters, stain removing spray, “If you can read this, bring me some wine” socks, decision coin, three wine removing towelettes, gold-tone wine stopper, and gold-tone corkscrew.

Cocktail Lover's Gift Guide

Neiman Marcus is boosting holiday cheer every Saturday throughout the season with Curbside Santa.

Place your order online or with an associate and Santa will deliver your purchase AND Milk & Cookies to you curbside.

Santa will be on delivery duty every Saturday through December 19 from noon-6 PM, so you can get a socially distanced selfie and an extra dose of good cheer. As always, be sure you wait for your confirmation email before heading to the store.

Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show

Things are heating up here in Vegas and there’s nothing I like better, except maybe shopping, than a cool refreshing cocktail on a hot day.

I have a secret to share… you can have the best of both worlds and combine the TWO (Shopping & Cocktails) at Fashion Show!

Yes, Sip AND Shop!

Fashion Show has some of the tastiest restaurants around AND they are all featuring some delicious refreshing summer cocktails that pair perfectly with a light bite and alot of shopping.

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show

California Pizza Kitchen

Spiked Cucumber Reviver and Beehive Sangria paired with the Banh Mi Bowl.

These two drinks are seriously THIRST QUENCHING. The Spiked Cucumber Reviver has a yummy cucumber/mint flavor that I would classify as Mojito adjacent.  It’s light, sweet and totally thirst quenching.  The Beehive Sangria is a refreshing, not-too-sweet, perfectly mixed Sangria with a oh-so-summertastic blend of strawberries, lavender and honey.  I suggest grabbing one (or two) of these before you go try on swimsuits- it will make the experience so much more pleasant.

Cucumber Reviver- Pineapple/cucumber puree, fresh mint, Hendrick’s Gin and Cucumber, Lime Agave syrup combine to create this ultimate refreshing drink.

Beehive Sangria- Pinot Grigio, strawberry, lavender and honey.

Banh Mi Bowl- Quinoa, baby kale, fresh cilantro & mint topped with grilled chicken, watermelon radishes, fresh avocado, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and sesame seeds. Served with housemade chili-lime vinaigrette and serrano peppers.

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show

Jeannie’s at Nordstrom

Vine Street Cocktail paired with Herloom Tomatoes and Roasted Baby Beets

Did you know that on the third level of Nordstrom there is a restaurant (Jeanie’s) with a FULL BAR!  YES!  FULL BAR!  After an exhausting try-on-sesh you can head up the escalator, order a cocktail and curate your shopping list without even leaving the store!

My pick from Jeanie’s, Vine Street, is a tasty cocktail that lands somewhere mimosa adjacent.  The effervescence from the Prosecco and the sweetness of the muddled grapes gives it a light “lady’s lunching” vibe.

If you are looking for a lite bite that is healthy and satisfying this Roasted Beet Salad and Herloom Tomatoes are off-the-hook AMAZING!

Vine Street Cocktail- Chopin Vodka, Rose Wine, Fresh Lime Juice, Muddled Grapes and mint with a splash of Prosecco

Herloom Tomatoes, burrata, walnut Jam, Crostini

Roasted Baby Beets, Citrus zest, pistachios, mint

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show


Peach Bellini and The Perfect G&T paired with Crispy Zuccini Frittes and Amalfi Lemon Chicken.

Hello adult slurpee. So yummy!  This frozen take on a Peach Bellini will instantly cool you down.  Packed full of flavor it’s the ultimate relief from the Vegas heat.

It was love at first sight and then first sip for me and the Perfect G&T. This simple yet sophisticated cocktail only has three delicious haute ingredients and is mixed with my all time favorite Tonic- Fever Tree.  Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water is crafted by blending spring water with luscious botanical oils including quinine and oils from Mexican Bitter Oranges to give is a clean unique taste. It really is the perfect Gin and Tonic.

I’ll take 2 of each and a patio seat please!

Perfect G&T- Hendrick’s Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, Cucumber

Peach Bellini- Bacardi Lemon, Ruffino, Prosecco, Peach Puree.

Amalfi Lemon Chicken- Lemon Brined Roasted Bone-In Chicken, Grilled Asparagus, Garlic Mashed Potatos

Crispy Zuccini Fritte

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show

Neiman Marcus Cafe in Neiman Marcus

Pear Perfection paired with The Crab and Shrimp Cocktail

Lite, tasty, fruity and bubbly the Pear Perfection is not only totally Instagram worthy but also a summer thirst quencher.

It’s just-sweet-enough flavor is ideal for patio sipping and day-dreaming about those Chloe sandals you are obsessing about in the shoe department.

Pear Perfection- Grey Goose. la Poire, St. Germain, elderflower, lemon and Q spectacular soda

Crab & Shrimp Cocktail- jumbo lump crab, shrimp served with louie sauce and cocktail sauce.

Sip and Shop at Fashion Show

RA Sushi

The Dragonbite paired with Crispy Spicy Tuna

This truly is The Mother of Dragons. Packed full of fruity flavor this delicious drink has a bite (ha ha get it ) and when paired with a spicy dish (like the Crispy Spicy Tuna) delivers you the sun and stars.

Refresh with this combo then snap a few pics at the most Instagramable spot at Fashion Show- The Rainbow stairs located within a few steps.

Dragonbite- Dragonberry, Bacardi Absolute Citron, Lemon Sour, Yuzu and Strawberry Puree.

Crispy Spicy Tuna- deep fried sesame rice ball topped with spicy tuna, cilantro, jalapeno,

Neiman Marcus Holiday Blogger Bash

Last Weekend I hosted the kick-off event to the gifting season- The Neiman Marcus Annual Holiday Blogger Bash.

Myself and 40 Las Vegas Influencers gathered together for some creative cocktails, delish breakfast bites and a private viewing of Neiman Marcus’ Crazy Good Gifts!

The Neiman Marcus Mariposa Cafe crafted some perfect holiday cocktails for us including a Bloody Mary garnished with Bacon flavored cotton candy, an Espresso Martini topped with Frosted Donut flavored cotton candy and a Bellini adorned with Birthday Cake cotton candy.

The best part is YOU can buy these yummy cotton candy flavors at Neiman Marcus and make these drinks at HOME!

After we stuffed our faces- oh my gosh the food was so good- we moved on to the gifting tables which were divided by categories: Epicurean, Kids, Mixers, Tech and Beauty.

I put together a recap of my favorites to help get you started on your holiday gifting!

The epicurean treats were CRAZY GOOD!  Seriously deez nuts WERE something to write home about.

Each with a flavor packed punch they would be great for gifting in a basket paired with an artisenal beer or wine- my faves were the Bloody Mary Cashews!

The sweets were delish too.  Everything from flavored popcorns, to chocolate covered pretzels, chewy pralines and rum soaked cakes!

One of my favorite finds was the Asobu Personal Cold Brew System. 

Here is why it’s CRAZY GOOD!

You can brew your own cold brew anywhere.  No electricity required.  You just add coffee grounds and cold water then let it steep (preferably overnight).  The coffee will then “brew” in the upper clear part of the device and then when ready you hit the orange button and the coffee will be dispensed into the carafe on the bottom. Then remove the brewer portion add the lid to the caraf and you are off with a delish perfect cold brew in hand!

Everyone went CRAZY for this one in my InstaStories. Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana Sicily is my Love Toaster

Italian-based SMEG is known for thier ’50s-retro-looking appliances designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top architects. For holiday 2018 they teamed up with Iconic Italian Fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana to create the Sicily Is My Love collection, a series of SMEG products finished with classic Sicilian icons and images – from citrus fruit and bright red cherries to sailboats and acanthus leaves.  This is definitely the chicest toaster I have ever seen!

Have a budding social media manager in the family?  They will LOVE these Nico and Veronia Snapchat Spectacles. 

Just press the button to take a 10-second video from your perspective. Press again to keep recording. Press and hold to snap a photo. When your phone’s nearby, Spectacles sync wirelessly with Snapchat. Share your favorite moments with friends in circular, square, or widescreen format on your favorite platform, including Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, and more.

Consult the Fashion Oracles. 

Are you suffering from creative block? Struggling to make a difficult OOTD decision? Find out what Anna Wintour, Tom Ford or Karl Lagerfeld would do. The set contains 50  fashion icon cards each with the oracles’ advice on life, work, or inspiration to help make any obstacle becomes surmountable.

-Full disclosure, I bought 5 sets of these they are so amazing! Great gift idea for fashionable friends.

Ok so technically this is a kids gift… but that didn’t stop me from putting these retro skates on and taking a few laps around the event.

The Kids Pulse Light Up Skates and a Roller Disco Queen’s Dream. As you skate the rechargeable LED lights in the outsole flash through six different flashing modes in seven different colors! Available in both silver and gold in Junior sizes 1-8. Yaas!

You can find all of these CRAZY GOOD GIFTS and more at Neiman Marcus and