The Perfect Winter Fragrance Byredo Gypsy Water


For those of you that  frequent my blog, you know that I am completely OBSESSED with Byredo Parfum.

I’m probably the single most finicky person around when it comes to parfums/colognes and my preferences change seasonally.  A scent has to be absolutely perfect for me to even entertain the thought of wearing it.

Is this prelude building you up to understand just how amazing the scent I am about to introduce you to is?

The love affair with my Pick for the Perfect Winter Fragrance began with its name: Gypsy Water.  

The name immediately stirs up images of wanderlust and mystery.  Something magical, romantic and secretive.  I picture a bohemian beauty nestled snugly inside a cabin by a roaring fire on a snowy hilltop draped in layers of gorgeous luxury knits.

Have I set the mood?

Now give it a spritz.

The scent opens with sweet zesty citrus notes of lemon and bergamot then evolves into notes of fresh pine needles, warm vanilla, earthy sandlewood and amber. It’s dark, spicy and exotic.  The perfect blend of feminine and masculine that can be worn by men or women achieving an equal WOW factor on either sex.  It’s subtle intensity is never overpowering yet lasts throughout the day.

The fragrance of the free-spirit.  Uplifting, open to possibilities and wildly romantic- it is THE  perfect scent for the winter months.

Byredo Gypsy Water is available at Neiman Marcus and 

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