Coffee, Gangsta Rap and Handle It


The holidays present an interesting paradox: they are supposed to be the most wonderful, fun time of the year, yet they also bring loads of extra stress, too.

Preparing for visitors, food and sweets EVERYWHERE, expectations and an endless list of gifts to buy!  Where do you even start?

One of my favorite witty internet wisdoms is the phrase “Drink Some Coffee, Put on Some Gangsta Rap and Handle It“.

It’s basically the new, much cooler version of “Put Your Big Girl Pants On”.


During stressful times it sticks with me and I think it’s super appropriate this time of year, which brings me to today’s Look of the Day, a fun custom sweatshirt from Bow & Drape sporting my favorite witty wisdom.

I made this one last year at the Bow & Drape Pop Up shop in Nordstrom and I’m super excited to share with you that they have brought the Pop Up Shop back again this year!



From now through January 1st  Bow & Drape will be on-site at Nordstrom Las Vegas in Fashion Show (and 18 other Nordstrom locations nationwide) with their patented machines allowing customers a rare hands-on access to one of the hottest – and sparkliest – lifestyle brands of the moment.

Yes you read that correctly!  You can go in, design your own product, and leave with it the same day!  A perfect one for me one for you gift this season!

The process is similar to how it works at the Apple store, customers can play around with products themselves and approach a specialist if they need help designing an item.  You can design everything from hair clips and totes to t-shirts, beanies and Bow & Drapes iconic sweatshirts!

Using an iPad in store order your design and Nordstrom staff will create it for you same day!

Hang out in store, grab a coffee, listen to some gangsta rap on your smartphone and then pick up the item after about an hour.

That’s how to #HANDLE Christmas Shopping!






Like the Look?  Click to Shop the Post.

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