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I am in the process of happify-ing my life.  The New Year brought a huge ah-ha to light, if I’m not happy with something and I have the power to change it then change it!

You’d think I would have figured this out before now!  Something so simple has been making life so much sunnier!

One of my biggest ways to happify is by adding a little bangin’ je ne sais quoi to my everyday looks with jewelry.  No more boring looks!  A band tee, fitted jeans and boots are instantly taken to model-off-duty chic with a statement necklace and that casual top and sweater are punched up to insta-glam by adding some stacked bangles. Even a sweatshirt can take a sophisticated turn with a collar necklace and earrings.  Jewels can totally transform an ordinary look into something truly extraordinary!

Now one of the big drawbacks to fashion jewels is that you don’t want to wear the same one everyday!  After a few selfies or a couple weeks rotation in your wardrobe you run the risk of a piece becoming your signature. “Oh that’s the necklace Christie always wears”…umm no thank you.  A certain style can be your signature not one piece!

So when RocksBox approached me with a free 3 month trial of their service I was intrigued.

RocksBox is a monthly subscription service for jewelry lovers.

Here’s how it works:

You sign up and take a style survey so that their stylists can get an idea of your personal style then RocksBox sends you three pieces of designer handpicked jewelry for you to wear for as long as you want- yep AS LONG AS YOU WANT. When you are ready you can swap out the pieces for three more and so on!  Each box comes with a self address postage paid envelope to send the pieces you don’t want to keep back in.  It’s super easy! If you decide you want to keep any of the gorgeous gems (yes I have kept just about all of mine so far!) then RocksBox gives you the 20% members discount price.  All prices are listed on the card you receive with each box so you exactly what you are getting into.

The service is only $19 a month and for me test driving designer jewels for as long as I want and then getting new ones at that price is a steal plus what better way to stay current with the hottest jewelry trends than to have a jewelry expert personally curating collections for you!

I am in LOVE with RocksBox,  so head-over-heels crazy for this service that I cancelled all my other monthly-box subscriptions and am only doing RocksBox now.

Here’s a peek a my Fab-U-Lous RockBox boxes so far with a special offer for you after the jump…..






RocksBox want’s to wrap you in jewels!

Use code christiexoxo when you sign up to get your first month FREE!

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