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There has been a recent surge in celebrity clothing lines- Ellen DeGeneres’ ED Collection and GAP Kids Capsule collection, Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James collection and now funny gal Melissa McCarthy has thrown her stylish hat into the fashion brand ring.

This week Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7 collection made it’s debut at retailers across the country including Nordstrom, Macy’s and Lane Bryant.

According to McCarthy over the course of her life, she’s been “every size on the planet. I have experience dressing me as a 6, a 12 and more. And when you go above a size 12, you don’t lose your love of fashion.”

Born out of McCarthy’s own frustration of not being able to find well-made, well-fitting, stylish clothes that didn’t make her look like the mother of the bride or a waiter- the collection ranges in size from four through a 28 priced between $59 and $159.

She doesn’t want her collection to be seen as “Plus-Size” in fact she hates the term and she doesn’t want to see her clothes in a different section just because they include options for larger women.

I don’t like the segregated plus section,” McCarthy says, “You’re saying: ‘You don’t get what everybody else gets. You have to go shop up by the tire section.”  

She is advocating for doing away with the “plus-size” label because, as she says, “Women come in all sizes.”

Seventy percent of women in the United States are a size 14 or above, and that’s technically ‘plus-size,’ so you’re taking your biggest category of people and telling them, ‘You’re not really worthy.’ I find that very strange,” McCarthy said. “I also find it very bad business. It doesn’t make a lot of sense numbers-wise. It’s like, if you open a restaurant and you say, ‘We’re primarily gonna serve people that don’t eat.”

Packed full of chic separates,  lots of black and white, some shades of gray, as well as fun heart and animal prints the collection offers a little something for every mood and the best part- there are pockets on EVERYTHING from skirts to dresses and pants!

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MelisaMcCarthy Seven7


Click below to SHOP some of my favorites from the Collection:

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