Obe Wan Rodarte You are Our Only Hope


Rodarte blasted off the NY Fashion week runways with an out of this world collection!

Known for their playful and whimsical designs Rodarte did not disappoint this week as they sent fashion goers to a galaxy far far away with their Fall 2014 collection!

The Force was with Rodarte as the Jedi designing sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, debuted their latest collection yesterday afternoon with a finale complete with “Star Wars”-inspired dresses featuring digital prints of  C-3PO, Yoda, The Death Star and Luke Skywalker.

The entire collection is inspired by the childhood nostalgia and  memories of the way the designers were dressed as children in the early ’80s. Smocked dresses, boyish, high-waisted pants, crochet knits and layering through a child’s eyes.

“It’s kind of all our memories coming together in something that’s expressive,” Kate Mulleavy told the Los Angeles Times. “So it wasn’t about a specific place, ’cause I think memory is so disjunctive. It was more about kind of piecing together the things that we wanted to build this world out of.”

“We couldn’t have done a collection like this and not included Star Wars.  Those films represent for us a time when anything was possible.” Laura Mulleavy added, “And it’s so rare that you can use a film still as artwork and have it look like a painting. It’s so beautiful.”

Please excuse me while my Sci-fi loving self  geeks out over these statement making dresses!








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