Pencil Me In

The Pencil Skirt.  It’s timeless, it’s classic, it’s sexy, it transcends seasons AND it is a must-have basic for every women’s wardrobe. 

The oh so feminine straight and narrow cut skirt is one of the most elegant and ladylike garments a woman can own, and if styled right, it’s also flattering on most figures.

Whether you are pencil thin, a shorty, have full hips and thighs or a bit of a tummy there is a pencil skirt for you!

Pencil Thin

Try a High-waisted pencil skirt to create the illusion of curves.  Pockets and embellishments like buttons, sequins and ruffles will also help add to the appearance of an hourglass figure.


Opt for a slim, but not too tight, fit that follows the contours of the body. The waistband should hit at or below the navel because high-waisted skirts tend to exaggerate the bust and shorten the torso.  Keeping the waistband at the navel and tucking the shirt in will make you look taller.

Full Hips and Thighs

Make sure the skirt tapers  If it goes straight down from the hips, you’ll resemble a square. Too pegged and you’ll look like you squeezed into a mermaid costume.  A little smoke and mirrors in the form of  ruching can be your best friend!  The tiny soft folds ruching creates in the fabric makes it very hard to tell what are fabric folds and what are little flaws.

Bit of a Tummy

Select a style with a wide waistband to hold in the stomach- it’s like instant SPANX!  Keep the midsection free of eye-catching details.  Smooth and clean should be your skirt motto.

Will you be penciling in a pencil skirt this season?

Stylist Tip: When shopping for a pencil skirt make sure to also pay attention to  length:  a pencil skirt should fall around the knees, or just over, ensuring that the skirt draws attention to the slimmest part of your legs.

What I’m Wearing: Ann Taylor Jungle Cat Ruffle Blouse| FURLA Metropolis Leather Satchel| Donald J Pliner Loafer Heels| New York & Company Pencil Skirt| Velvet Headband|Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

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  1. Yes, I think I will be penciling in a pencil skirt this season! I love your tips on how to wear the same style for different body types, it always interested how wearing something at a different height, or tucking in here and there can completely change an outfits look. I also love your blouse, so fun and very you! I hope you have a lovely week 🙂 xx

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