What to Wear on NYE

Ok so about now you are sorting through your holiday gifts and deciding whether you need to hit the sales or not for something to wear on  New Year’s Eve.

2012 may not have been the best year but  you want to usher it out  and ring in the New Year in style- but where do you start?

I have some chic dressing ideas for you as well as some helpful hints to make the evening a little more stylish and a little less stressful.

Combining black and blue is one of my favorite trends from 2012 so it seems appropriate to end the year in a classic ladylike black and blue combination.

Timeless NYE

Fitted dress

ResultWear shapewear


Eddie Borgo star jewelry


Feel like showing your colors?  Go all out in a rainbow of sequins.  Try using one of my favorite nail trends from 2012– alternating colors on each nail or just on the ring fingers!

Baby You're a Firework


Spending the evening outside watching fireworks or the ball drop?  Keep warm in chic layers that you can peel off once you head inside.  Classic black never goes out of style but you can add texture to an all black look with quilted fabrics, leather accents and metal hardware. Don’t forget some hand-warmers.  Keep those little guys in your pockets and your digits will thank you!

Times Square


Quilted coat

New look shoes
$57 – asos.com


Knitted scarve


Beauty product


A Few Helpful Tips to make the evening stress free:

  • Avoid wearing satin or suede heels.  DRINKS WILL BE SPILLED and that can spell instant tragedy for suede and satin.
  • Make sure those heels are broken in-even if you have to wear them grocery shopping.  You don’t want to head out for a long night in a new pair of heels. Blisters and soar feet can cut the night short.
  • Bring a back-up.  Just in case your hours of breaking those Louboutin’s in while cruising the frozen foods isle didn’t quite work out carry a pair of foldable flats in your bag so that you have the option of changing- you know how I feel about tipsy barefoot chics!
  • Make sure to protect your leather (or suede/satin if you insist on wearing them even though I advised you not to!) I really love Apple Brand’s products.
  • Shapewear is your friend.  You want to look smooth and sleek under that NYE frock.  A good piece of shapewear can take you down a size and keep things from jiggling around.  My recommend is Resultwear.
  • Carry a wristlet or a cross-body handbag NOT a clutch.  You will be out around ALOT of people and you will most likely be drinking.  Avoid carrying a bag you may set down some where and loose.
  • The goal is to look like you have glowing skin..not greasy skin.  Make sure you have some blotting papers handy to blot off excess oil–and if you don’t just remember my video..head to a restroom and find a toilet seat protector then blot away!
  • We all want a kiss at midnight and lets be honest,  the drinking that leads up to that moment can leave your breath less than fresh!  Carry something to freshen up, I love Supersmile’s whitening Gum-fresh and clean!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year’s EVE


helpful things for a night out


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  1. Although I don’t always get a chance to read your blog, when I do, I love your tips! This NYE we are actually leaving the kids with a sitter and going to an adult house party – cocktail attire! Oh la la! I get to wear heels and I finally have a chance to pull out a one-shoulder lbd, that I’ve only worn once!!! It’s sleek and form fitting, so shapewear is a MUST – especially after Christmas! I’m going to checkout your recommendation – Resultwear. Now, I just have to figure out how to transform my super fine, short bob hair into a party ready and glam “do”. Any suggestions? I want something different that goes with the dress. My hair is always my most worry-some accessory! Unfortunately, God didn’t bless me with much of a mane. Boo!

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